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Not every Kiwi writer is New Zealand-born. Caroline Wheeler is English but writes from the heart about Aotearoa.


Aoteoroa – you call me

You call me,
From deep inside I feel it
Insistent, good, comforting pull

You and your, green, soft folds
Draped beneath me
Good, comforting, insistent

You call
Your blues, soft and sparkling, draw me to you
However far apart we drift, I still feel your pull
Deep inside, warm and there so that I am never alone
Comforting, insistent, good

I feel you need me somehow, even though you can’t,
You need for no man, but all the same, you want.
With your snow peaks and your green and fertile flats,
Your turquoise lakes and crystal air
You seem to want to share yourself with me

Open your arms and embrace me with your comfort
I hear your call and inside me it pulls

Copyright 2006 Caroline Wheeler



Jimi Fraser is 19 but has already been published in two different anthologies. An accomplished photographer, painter and designer, he lives in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast.

Misty Madam

Misty madam of midnight
Our strolls have taken their toll
On the twisted troll
Who rolls his love
Into a box which he keeps locked
Under his bridge of lies

Angel No More

Arrest the Beautiful night
Stars shining so bright
Angels sit nesting
high and above
With their doves
Resting on the moonlight
Teasing the sun to dance
Begging for the taste of sin
To make them mortal again
Can you see the angels' eyes
Can you hear the angels' cries
Breathe the light
Let your mind take flight
The angels own the night
Within their sight
The bitter sweet fight for life.
Copyright (c) 2006 Jimi Fraser


Jennifer Phillips describes herself as an 'Ausified Kiwi'.


Aotearoa - Land of the Long White Cloud


3 freckles on a map

yet foreigners still strive

to nestle in your lap.


Copyright (c) Jennifer Phillips 2006

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