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For V

To be or not to be

What was and what is now

A thousand thoughts pervade your mind

A wind blew through your tree existence

Was it all such howls of agony?

did the leaves brown to your present state

Of winter chill and no spring in sight

The fruit that fell cleaved by others will

Is safe in earths bower and will rise again

In some other place

yet the scar still weeps for you

Mother tender of your life

Is gone but is there still

Your spirit her spirit entwines your branches

To support not crush your will

Your cankered pain creeps to your trunk

The rain for you a poisoned chalice

No growth no blossom here

A sap that crystallizes your very life

Black clouds these thoughts that float and stay

Hide that healing sun

Loves rays you cannot see or feel

Please let them in and live

Copyright 2006 Neil Furby

Father Approaching

The planes moth in,
extinguishing at bright terminals,
bright greetings,
and he approaches,
across a night of fourteen years.

Wait till he comes,
threat, promise, never fulfilled,
a mother adequate for emergencies.
But still,
when we could answer more than yes
he loomed,
his shadow racing ahead.

Hawk shadow;
the planes he loved to fly
sliding on landscapes;
cloud rapt,
he was above so much
that families
were gravity.

Falling voices:
I hear myself,
in undertones of inheritance.
My monkey dancing,
my hunchback hiding.
My wife is cold,
her mothers warnings
on strange men,
her husband
frozen in the image
she warned her of,
my father approaching
in our bed at night;
the birds
coming home to roost.

Copyright 2006 David Gregory


Finding each other
on the internet
against the odds.
in the discovery
of shared pleasures
and passions
and drinking

so much in common
so many parallels
so much drinking.

Damned by the drink
we may well be
but at least
we’ll be damned

Copyright 2003 John Irvine

John has more poems on Page Six




Mike Williams believes no one ever knows enough.

existential existence

saturday night
too much
drink again
maybe not

whiskeys cheap
as cheap as whiskey is

takes it's toll
does life

still whiskeys nice
whiles away
the time

taking care
of business and just

copyright 2006 Mike Williams


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