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I dream
I dream of turtles
Meandering through the garden
While I make sculptures
To welcome you home

I dream of foxes
Laughing like hyenas
Lurking in the alleys
To catch you alone
I dream of film stars
Talking about you
Sipping martinis
Chatting on the phone
And I dream of comfort
Comfort is with you
Everything is fine  
I should have known.
Copyright (c) Janet Anderson 2002



The rain drifts down, straight down, no wind,
A transparent screen to the bush-clad hillside.
The bush is still, and old.
Rain cloud mist has leaked down a valley,
Bringing to mind lands of dinosaurs
And primeval forests,
But for the high rise apartment block in the foreground.
Still, the vestiges of modern life
Hold their ground tentatively
Against the weight of all that rain,
All that bush,
And all that time.

Copyright (c) 2006 Janet Anderson

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