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Through the eyes of a young girl
I see the pain and the suffering she sees
It hurts her and it hurts me too
I can’t take it anymore
The pain
She creeps around the potholes in her mind
And stares through the broken windows
She hides from the darkness
that holds the shadows captive


As the sun sets and rises for the
Dawn of a new day
She hides from the sun that burns her
It singes her hair and boils the blood that once ran cold in her veins
As a heart of ice melts away
She sees a blinding light at the end of the tunnel
Runs towards it but she cannot reach
And the fire closes around her like water
She sees fire and blood
And every picture of war in her mind runs free
As the suffering and torment she knows
is played through  her mind
A million times over
It scares her, she’s scared
And as every little shard of light fliess away
Like a fragment of a broken window
Her mind cannot repair the hurt and pain her life has caused
And as she rests her head
Knowing she will not wake up
She is rested and peaceful
At last.


Submitted by Alanah (aged 14) 

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