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Marie-Claire is a teacher. Originally from France and now living in New Zealand, she writes in her second language.


Ocean of life

The sea spills a thousand laughs
Rolling, rolling with laughter
The sea shakes its thousands heads
Of white sandy foam
The sea weaves its thousand waves
Across the pale ocean night
The sea claps its thousand hands
Beating, beating against the rocks
The pale hillocks died in the horizon
Away from the sound of the waves
Silent in the moonless night of darkness
The sea shreds its thousands tears
Above the earth
Trembling planet,
Shivering in fear of annihilation
The abomination of mankind
The sea cries in sorrow
The sorrow of the land
And rivers, dead plains
And battered mountains
Raped forests and broken hills
What is left of our beautiful planet?
The sea is drowning our tears
Washing our sorrows
As it cleans the feet of our child
On the edge of the ocean
The sea is waving a thousand goodbyes
To the departing souls
Returning to the land of spirit
In the dead of night.
The sea shines a thousand suns
In the mirror of our hearts
The waves dance a thousand lights
In a myriad of colours



You bounce off the page

          To tell me I have got a message.


Who told you to pop into my mind

And fill in the blank lines

With some extraordinary story straight out of the


                               I told you to stay put

                               So I could gather my thoughts

                               But you come on the onslaught

                               And think you can get the better of me

                               With your clever ideas




We have heard them all before

And yet we can't help but listen for more

Of what you have to say

In a twisted sort of a way.



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