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This website was set up to provide an on-line forum for New Zealand writers and writings.  If you live in New Zealand, or you're a Kiwi living elsewhere, or you write about Aotearoa (the original name given to these islands by the first Maori settlers) then you can have work featured here.  Our e-mail address is:
We have a sister site in the UK. The Writers' Cafe is dedicated to promoting the written (and often spoken) word in as many innovative ways as can be devised. To visit, click on the link below.
Incidentally, I have NO idea why the pages on the left sidebar are out of sequence, it's been driving me mad but I'm sure you'll find your way around.

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Babies Imogen & Kento Arrive

these announce us:

                 long rolls of green sea

                              banging sands of Kyushu,

 rocking boats in docks

                    or running to white past

                                   the Manukau Heads

 to Slippery Creek

             and light at once

                   tints our eyes brown or blue,

     crams into us too movings and shapes



I ripple in the quiet
of an afternoon’s
pooling of sky
skin stone tree
I lift arms
light falls
from elbows & hair
glints from ponding
among twigs
rain clouds drift ...

the creek already
I pose as if
watchers hid
among willows
and fern
laden with water
as I’ve learned
and will teach

I plunge

Copyright 2005 Bernard Gadd

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A forum for New Zealand writers and writing.