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To write in your own language is difficult enough but to create poetry in another, especially when you have limited experience of that language is quite remarkable.
Eun-Sol Cho is a high school student who came to New Zealand less than three years ago - this is her first attempt at poetry.


Miss Moon - Mr Sun
Miss Moon likes to dance
Every day, every night
She dances with stars
Miss Moon is so beautiful
She is so bright
Everyone can see her
Everyone knows her
Miss Moon is a bashful woman
Every day she hides at dark
She likes Mr Sun
She loves Mr Sun
She is so shy
So she hides at dark
Every month Miss Moon disappears
No one knows where she is
But I know
She is at the morning
Looking at Mr Sun
Mr Sun is too bright
So we cannot see Miss Moon
copyright (c) Cho Eun-Sol 2005

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