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Kia Ora and Welcome. 
We believe that there are many good writers out there who never get the opportunity to share their writing in a public forum.
These pages, and the ones reached by the link below, are designed to give promising New Zealand writers a showcase for their work.
Our page is twinned with our sister site in the UK. 
The Writers' Cafe in the north of England is a real cafe and an innovative initiative to bring the written and spoken word to the notice of more people.
Read more about this endeavour by clicking on the link below.
Meanwhile - enjoy these pages.

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The King is in his chamber.    Enter page

Page: Good my leige?

King: Ah, Dickon, send to the kitchen and bring quickly some victuals for verily I faint for lack of sustenance. Good beef I require, and a trencher.

Page: At once sire (makes to leave, turns at the door) Sire, permit my words?

King: Speak boy

Page: On mine own discovery, there is, in the town, beneath those arches which do lead to Goldgate, a man of Scots descent whose reputation rests in offering such provisions as thou dost seek.

King: Art thou mad? To my kitchen on the instant.

Page: (kneeling) Crave pardon lord until I do complete my story.

King: Go to then and with speed ere I fail from starvation.

Page: Sire,  this very thing do I seek to avoid. For were I to run hence to the kitchen and ask of cook a repast, it would be choosing, chopping, seeking herbs and spice and looking this way and that and ere the board were laid thou wouldst indeed expire from hunger. But if instead, my time I do employ in making to the Scot, whose victuals are ready prepared, I would return in less time than the twinkling of an eye.

King: With hearty spread, good beef and golden bread?

Page: Aye my leige, thus on his reputation does this lie, and within his house a pledge, that if from the very moment of request the victuals take more than one thousands heart beats to prepare, he forfeits all payment.

King: What so? Go hither then page and seek the Scot, thy story is well.

Exit Page to McDonalds.

Just Black


Black is our passion

To win is the mission

Black is on our side

That makes us known worldwide

Black is the game

Worn once and it is never the same

Black is the reason

It is the colour of the season

Black is our memory

It is what every schoolboy wants to be

Black is our glory

With each try a new story

Black is our history

And so it remains no mystery

That the All Blacks are our country

To wear the Black jersey on the field

Means only to advance and never yield

It is the pride of a nation in this task

That it is a symbol of all we ask.

Copyright 2005 Bruce Palmer